Travelling to Lombok Island? Help These Children Practice Their English

Volunteer English Class

Traveling to Lombok and would like to contribute with your time? Come and join us for rewarding experience!

We are always looking for people to help out in our English classes. You don’t need to be native speaker or have teaching experience, the level is very basic and the children are really keen to learn and a lot of fun to be around! 

Youth Creative Foundation (YCF) Al-Amin is a small foundation and a non-profit organization located in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province Indonesia. YCF Al-Amin’s main focus is to give special attention to the orphans and needy children on their education by giving free English, Math and Computer Courses. Yet there are also other social-based, women empowerment and environment-based programs.

English Volunteer Class is designed for tourists or travelers who are having holidays in Lombok Island and at the same time would like to contribute their time to help the children practice their English. We have nothing to offer you in return but the happy feelings from the children to welcome you there! 🙂

For more information about YCF Al-Amin, who we are, what we do and to know more about us please visit

Here are some pictures of our volunteers and donors:

Mr. River from New Zealand
Mr. Johnny came from Netherlands
Mrs. Daniella Iliana from Romania
Mrs. Daniella Iliana from Romania
Ms. Hanah Wolfgang from Germany
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Beatrice from Labdoo Switzerland
Mrs. Laney Clancy from Australia
Mrs. Laney Clancy from Australia

*Haven’t been to Lombok Island before? Where is Lombok Island located? Find out more on my next post here.

Enjoy your time in Lombok Island and Have a nice day! 😉


6 thoughts on “Travelling to Lombok Island? Help These Children Practice Their English

  1. wah dikau juga english teacher? di postingan yg lama aq baca bekgraunnya hitung2an dan kerjanya juga ngitung2 gitu yak?
    insha allah kalo diberi kesempatan ke lombok aq mampiri rumahmu ya 🙂


    1. hehe iya mba saya lulusan ekonomi, pernah kerja di Jakarta bbrp tahun setelah lulus thn 2013. Awal 2015 nikah sama suami yg sama sama orang lombok. Suami kebetulan punya lembaga sosial jadi sekarang sama-sama ngurusin 🙂
      Baik mba, ditunggu kedatangannya 😉


    1. Makasi udah mampir mba 🙂
      Waah, english teacher juga yah? Hihi serruu deh ketemu blogger yang kerjaannya sama 😀
      Ayok mba, kapan kapan kalau ke Lombok mampir ke rumah ya 😀


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